Lena Andersen


Poem For October

And as the rain pelts down
Hard against my window
I remember the warmest summer
I can taste the mango
And feel the grains of sand between my toes
I can hear the seagulls chiming in the salt air
Hungry for a hotdog
Or a hot dog
I can smell sunscreen and sweat and sea
I have no agenda
No fear of wind
No reason to go home
It's just you and me and the month of July
And I know
Whenever the rain pelts down
Hard against my window
I can go there
Go back to that summer
And remember
How good it was

Summar Festival and Stuff

Looking forward to playing the main stage tomorrow night, August 8, at the Summar Festival... we're on half past midnight so bring your sweaters, your sing-along hearts and your lighters :-) I've got a full band with me including a string quartet...see you there!
Oh, and next week I hit the studio again for more recording. Album almost there!

"Who Am I" hits the silver screen

It's always a good feeling when a song of yours finds a place in the movies. "Who Am I" is featured in the opening credits of the feel good movie "Cowgirls 'N Angels 2 - Dakota's Summer. The film premiered this month and is available on iTunes.

In The Groove

It's finally spring and my D-vitamin deficient body delights at every ray of sunshine, every hint of something good to come. My album is coming along and we're in the second half of the journey...nearing the shore you could say. I'm also working on a little book of poems, so if all goes according to plan then you'll have something to read as well as something to listen to, dance to, cry to, laugh to, drive to, drink coffee to. May spring be as exhilarating and hopeful for you as it is for me. Don't worry, not all my days are good and I'm far from an optimist, but it doesn't hurt to post a positive news update when you're finally feeling like your in the groove after a long, hard winter.

The New Year Deserves A New Album

January walked in with good vibes and a pocket full of inspiration. The new year deserves a new album and Mr.Producer (Niclas Johannesen) and I are hard at work. Can't wait to let these new song babies into your arms. We bought an old 1965 Gibson from a friend who found it at a guitar show and it's adding some great character to a few tunes. I love when you can hear the life, the years, the story in an instrument.
Will be back with some live dates, but for now Happy New Year friends! Let's make it a great one.