Lena Andersen


"Who Am I" hits the silver screen

It's always a good feeling when a song of yours finds a place in the movies. "Who Am I" is featured in the opening credits of the feel good movie "Cowgirls 'N Angels 2 - Dakota's Summer. The film premiered this month and is available on iTunes.

In The Groove

It's finally spring and my D-vitamin deficient body delights at every ray of sunshine, every hint of something good to come. My album is coming along and we're in the second half of the journey...nearing the shore you could say. I'm also working on a little book of poems, so if all goes according to plan then you'll have something to read as well as something to listen to, dance to, cry to, laugh to, drive to, drink coffee to. May spring be as exhilarating and hopeful for you as it is for me. Don't worry, not all my days are good and I'm far from an optimist, but it doesn't hurt to post a positive news update when you're finally feeling like your in the groove after a long, hard winter.

The New Year Deserves A New Album

January walked in with good vibes and a pocket full of inspiration. The new year deserves a new album and Mr.Producer (Niclas Johannesen) and I are hard at work. Can't wait to let these new song babies into your arms. We bought an old 1965 Gibson from a friend who found it at a guitar show and it's adding some great character to a few tunes. I love when you can hear the life, the years, the story in an instrument.
Will be back with some live dates, but for now Happy New Year friends! Let's make it a great one.

My North American Summer

All good things must come to end they say. But I insist on never saying goodbye to these beautiful West Coast mountains and the amazing folks on this side of the world...just see you later. I've had the best time recording in L.A. with Matt Chamberlain, seeing my Dad after four long years, watching eagles in English Bay, performing at the Vancouver Folk Festival, soaking in the West Coast sunset and writing songs. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love with creative, genuine people.
Next stop is Greenland, where I'll be performing for the West Nordic Days in Katuaq, Greenland's Culture House. An evening where Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands share the stage. My first time ever to Greenland and looking forward to it. Here's the link: http://www.katuaq.gl/da/Arrangementer/Musik/Vestnordiske-Dage---Koncert

Recording in LA

Will be recording drums this week in Los Angeles with Matt Chamberlain. Looking forward to that!

Also happy to join West Coast Songwriters and play a couple of tunes at Genghis Cohen on Wednesday night. Check out my facebook page for further details.